Sunday, February 2, 2020

Unconditional Love Vibration 26/8

orange indigo magenta

26/8 Magenta Heals Karma

There is a strong karmic influence around today and if you have sown your seeds well, then today you should see some kind of reward.  It could come in the form of a message or blessing.

It's possible that today you meet someone that you have a karmic relationship with, because it's often that you may meet a prospective marriage partner under this influence.  As Above So Below, it could even be a Twin Flame because the energies under this influence are especially relevant to the Twin Flame energy.

The Key here is to be in acceptance, to know that forgiveness is the key to freedom and to love unconditionally.

This is a powerful vibration under the magenta frequency as it heals the karma between souls.

The colour frequencies influencing you today are orange, indigo and magenta.

Magenta Affirmation for Today

As above so below, I see in you that which is in me.  My inner wisdom knows the great love we have for one another and the great plan we chose to walk together.  Let the plan unfold and in love let us unite.  Amen.


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