Friday, May 29, 2020


This is a very Karmic vibration, but one that offers rewards not punishment!  It is very forgiving and filled with unconditional love for you.  It brings union to your masculine and feminine and reflects the essence of as above so below.  This is a very spiritually powered vibration, fast and and under it and under it you have the potential to create and manifest instantly.  It suggests you are in the flow and likely to receive gifts of abundance from out of the blue!

The colours under this vibe are magenta and white.  Wear them, light candles with these colours or meditate and fill yourself in a magenta bubble and then bring in some white to mix and bathe in the pure divine energy of love.

I Am in the flow of abundance of all good things.  All that I desire and all that I need, comes to me easily.  I Am at one with the Heavenly reflection of my Self.

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