Friday, March 29, 2024

To Mine Own Self Be Transformed 58/13

58:13 Vibration

To Mine Own Self be Transformed

58/13 Numerology Vibration

Ruby Gold brings transformation and integration of our divine masculine and feminine shines forth when we embrace the infinite truth of our greater Being.  

When you see this combination of numbers, you have the opportunity with the support of our Infinite Universe and all the master's in it to say yes to integration of all aspects of our Self.  Dissolve the remnants of imbalance and awaken to the mysteries beyond the known.

Ruby Gold vibrates to  number 13 

Ruby Gold as the vibration of 13 is not to be feared but rather to be embraced as the frequency that can indeed open us to transformation.  

Maybe a part of you needs to die off because that part of you is no longer of service.  Dying off to the old when you embrace the greater aspects of your real, true and authentic Self. 

Go into the nothingness; into the silence and touch the divine in you.

When you come back know that you have indeed been transformed.

Colours to help you are the 

  • blues of truth 
  • magenta frequencies of the infinite realms and forgiveness and unconditional love
  • and glorious ruby gold of the transformed and higher octave of the creative chakra.

Affirmation for Ruby Gold

Infinite Truth within me, Infinite Truth surround me, Infinite Truth through me, I Am God within mine own Self.

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