Saturday, February 1, 2020

25/7 Healing the Father Wound

Violet in relationship with blue and orange

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

25/7 Violet Day Vibration

Today, sit back a little and relax and give yourself time for contemplation.  Meditate and generally do not too much at all.  It's time to heal all those battle worn scars.  Don't push yourself under this influence but take your time.

Slow and steady wins the race.

If I were able to influence you in any way today, I would say get out your colours and paints and create; do a mandala and allow the healing to flow.  Bring the subconscious into the conscious and in this way you are communicating with your inner self and bringing the truth to the light learning to trust in your self first and then in turn trusting in the Greater Self / GodSelf.

Healing the Father Wound

The Father is significant here today, so where you can find time to communicate with your earthly father and build a harmonious relationship with him.  If he is not living, you can still do it. Sometimes this is the best way to heal the wounds of the father when the ego is not involved.

It is never too late.

This vibration in the positive healed state is the vibration of the teacher.  Take charge and heal the father wound.

Through the orange flows creativity and courage and through the blue flows communication and peace as we reach up toward the heavenly Violet to touch the energies of the Spiritual Father.

Violet Affirmation for Today

I breathe in blue to calm me, I visualise orange to energise me and motivate me and I call upon the Inspiration of Violet to transform me.  Violet flows through me, inspiring and transforming my everything.  I Am.


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