Monday, November 27, 2023

Wisdom Consciousness

indigo, yellow and gold
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Wisdom Consciousness 63/9

Wisdom comes when you look deeper within, and feel into your own sense of personal power.  Learn to read your own energy field by feeling into it.  

Relationship, insights. growing in personal power and shining your light out to the world, that is what this energy is all about.  We are asked to tap into the Universal bank of wisdom especially when it comes to relationships and loved ones.  We are asked to feel deep into our power centre and learn to listen to what it speaks to us.   

Let go of all the old thinking patterns and outworn ideas.  This vibration asks us to align firstly with our intuition, it asks us to let intuition guide your ego centred self.  It asks you to have a relationship of true wisdom with your own mind.  Align the minds, this is the key, listen to intuition, let it feed down into your mind and then you will come into a place of higher knowing.  Follow that wisdom, let go of the mind and embrace the Great Mind of the Creator. 

Colours to help you integrate these energies

Indigo, for knowing and deep mystery of what lies within.  Yellow, for bringing clarity to all and joy of seeing all things clearly.  And finally the overall colour is Gold, for knowing when to let go, when to totally surrender to the Universal Bank of True Wisdom.


I Am all seeing and all knowing, I see all things with clarity and I express my Joyful self with the Infinite Wisdom of Universal Consciousness.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Finding Sacred Relationship 61/7

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Divine Relationship with Self 61/7

Finding Sacred Relationship with Self

What are your thoughts and intentions around relationship?  Have you ever really given it serious thought, or are you caught up in what things should be like?  Have you ever thought that there is a process, a divine process that needs to take place, a trust, an inner Knowing that should be followed?  Have you ever allowed relationship to truly find you instead of you trying to find relationship?  If you are seeing these numbers, this is what these energies want you to look at.

Look at the divine gift you have been given, be it love relationship or family even and most importantly with your Self.  Your thoughts will always govern how the relationship flows because when we ask of the divine, we get what we ask for, so if we are always in negative thought, or controlling thought, or holier than thou thought, that is exactly what we will attract.

These energies want you to go beyond the thought process and connect with the true essence of the flow within relationships.  All relationships are sent to help us learn about ourselves.  This combination of numbers asks us to look at our connection in relationships and in particular look at the relationship with your father and step it up and look at your relationship with God and your true divine spark that ignites the God connection in you.

Can you see who you are through the reflection of the one standing in front of you?

Colours of 61/7 (617)

To work the energy of this vibration, the overall colour is Violet, but within that you need to go deep into introspection with indigo and add a tiny dash of red to be sure you are awake and present with what you are doing.  The violet will take you into the mystery and allow you to connect with your higher self...

Affirmation to help you.

I Am fully present within my relationships, and I lovingly witness the divine within me and the divine within the connection I have with others.  I see and therefore I Am.

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Friday, November 24, 2023

60/6 Indigo Divine Mind

Related image angel in indigo and white

Indigo Divine Mind

60/6 Numerology Vibration

Something is moving within you.  A new location, a new home, something is calling you. This is a in alignment with your spiritual desires.  Listen to you intuition here because it is speaking clearly to you.

Spend time around your spiritual family which is not necessarily your birth family. This is a time of love and a meeting of minds.  Being around like-minded friends is the message with this vibration because you will receive inspiration from each other as your minds link into the higher self.

This is a love vibration but at another level.  This is a more spiritual union not of karmic connections but more at the mind level where companionship is more important than physical relationship.  Great missions can be accomplished under this vibration.

The colours to help you tap into this vibration is indigo and white with indigo the overall theme.

Affirmation for Twin Flame Connection

I call forth my divine companion at the level of the mind grid.  Our coming together is imminent and our mission begins.  And so, it is.

Twin Flame

This is a Twin Flame vibration, so be sure to use the affirmation to help call in your Twin Flame or Divine Counterpart/ascending partner and please do let me know how you feel when you use this one.  Write it on a piece of paper and learn it off by heart and recite as often as you can and let the magic happen! 

Thursday, November 23, 2023

59/5 Bringing Divine Changes

59/5 numerology and Serapis Bey bringing Change

Divine Changes

Vibration 59/5

If you are seeing 59/5 or 595, you are in the flow here and divine changes are upon you, even divine travel is possible.  Divine Travel could mean Divine inner journeys beginning.  You will be inclined to act a little impulsively under this influence, so I suggest to you that you embrace this joyous feeling but breathe deep and tap into your divine truth before you act too quickly.

Everything is in order and all you have to do is hold the peace and allow the flow to come to you. Discern the path before you tread and then embrace the changes that are upon you.

Colours of 59/5

Blue and Gold are the vibrations of this vibration.

Affirmation for 59/5

I am in the Divine Flow embracing the change, communicating my truth with peace and Grace.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

To Mine Own Self Be Transformed 58/13

58:13 Vibration

To Mine Own Self be Transformed

58/13 Numerology Vibration

Ruby Gold brings transformation and integration of our divine masculine and feminine shines forth when we embrace the infinite truth of our greater Being.  

When you see this combination of numbers, you have the opportunity with the support of our Infinite Universe and all the master's in it to say yes to integration of all aspects of our Self.  Dissolve the remnants of imbalance and awaken to the mysteries beyond the known.

Ruby Gold vibrates to  number 13 

Ruby Gold as the vibration of 13 is not to be feared but rather to be embraced as the frequency that can indeed open us to transformation.  

Maybe a part of you needs to die off because that part of you is no longer of service.  Dying off to the old when you embrace the greater aspects of your real, true and authentic Self. 

Go into the nothingness; into the silence and touch the divine in you.

When you come back know that you have indeed been transformed.

Colours to help you are the 

  • blues of truth 
  • magenta frequencies of the infinite realms and forgiveness and unconditional love
  • and glorious ruby gold of the transformed and higher octave of the creative chakra.

Affirmation for Ruby Gold

Infinite Truth within me, Infinite Truth surround me, Infinite Truth through me, I Am God within mine own Self.

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Saturday, October 21, 2023

In You I See Me 56/11

The perfected Hu-Man

56/11 Vibration

The  Healer
This energy brings balance and harmony.  It allows you to see all things through the eyes of truth and insights are highly likely with this very refined frequency.  We have the opportunity to open and access our perfect intuition with balance into our perfect nature; perfected man as represented by the DaVinci man.  

The expression of truth, the vision of truth and the embracing of no fear.  The ultimate mirror is yours now and you are asked to see the bigger picture.  See that which you came to do, you are spirit on earth, but you must set your roots and hold that divine spirit in place.  And to do that you must first climb and when you have climbed you must then come back and anchor that expression on Earth.  

Colours 56/11

The higher expressions involved in assisting you with this ultimate aim are blue, indigo and Green bringing balance and harmony as you move into your true nature.

Affirmation for 56/11 Vibration
I am balanced on all levels, I penetrate to the truth, I am Truth, I see you in me and I embrace all in Oneness.

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Friday, October 20, 2023

Master Vibration 55/10

Lilac Angel Wings
Numerology 55/10  Rolling with the Changes

This is such a high vibration resonating with lilac light..  The qualities suggest changes of a very high order and allowing you to tap into the  feeling of freedom and liberation.  You can touch the divine and all things are possible.  Surrender and merge into the vibration available to you today, it just may set you on a roller coaster ride of great and wonderful change.  Do not fear it, take this offer and soar with the angels on wings of change.

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine a mist of fine lilac drifting over you.... and use your affirmation below....

Affirmation for 55/10:
My wings have set me free, I am peace, I am limitless, I am the vast expression of the Infinite Universe itself.

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