Thursday, August 31, 2023

Love I Am


twin flames in the Heavens
64/10 Love I Am

64/10 Love I Am

This is a very high love vibration.  It brings visions of the heart.  Visualise what you want from a space of love and beam that out to the world to bring new beginnings.  This is the vibration of the Leader of Love, the one who knows that leading with love will bring the ultimate world we all so desire.  See with the eyes of love and you will feel the love.  Feel the love and all you will see is love... this is the vibration of a perfect world, a world of Love!  This vibration comes about when there is balance and harmony with the masculine and feminine within, the sacred and divine marriage of opposites!  

See, feel and think Love!

This is a Vibration of New Beginnings!


Indigo for accessing the deep mystery, green for balance and harmony and red for initiating and sharing that love out into the world.  This is the ultimate vibration for feel secure and centred in a world where love is the goal of all of us!


I see, I think, I feel Love all around me.  I project that love out into the world and walk as the leader I Am bringing Love, sharing love, knowing love, feeling love... Love I Am  

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