Monday, November 27, 2023

Wisdom Consciousness

indigo, yellow and gold
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Wisdom Consciousness 63/9

Wisdom comes when you look deeper within, and feel into your own sense of personal power.  Learn to read your own energy field by feeling into it.  

Relationship, insights. growing in personal power and shining your light out to the world, that is what this energy is all about.  We are asked to tap into the Universal bank of wisdom especially when it comes to relationships and loved ones.  We are asked to feel deep into our power centre and learn to listen to what it speaks to us.   

Let go of all the old thinking patterns and outworn ideas.  This vibration asks us to align firstly with our intuition, it asks us to let intuition guide your ego centred self.  It asks you to have a relationship of true wisdom with your own mind.  Align the minds, this is the key, listen to intuition, let it feed down into your mind and then you will come into a place of higher knowing.  Follow that wisdom, let go of the mind and embrace the Great Mind of the Creator. 

Colours to help you integrate these energies

Indigo, for knowing and deep mystery of what lies within.  Yellow, for bringing clarity to all and joy of seeing all things clearly.  And finally the overall colour is Gold, for knowing when to let go, when to totally surrender to the Universal Bank of True Wisdom.


I Am all seeing and all knowing, I see all things with clarity and I express my Joyful self with the Infinite Wisdom of Universal Consciousness.

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