Saturday, June 6, 2020

24/6 The Lovers Vibration

Indigo blue I love you
Indigo Blue I love You

Indigo Blue, I Love You!

24/6 Indigo Vibration

Indigo under this vibration asks us to seek to harmonise within and within the family and close relationships. The Universal energy today is likely to set us toward feeling a little like we just aren't getting it right, so we need to seek deeper into our own inner child and send forth love from our own heart and find a healthy relationship within ourselves.  Find a moment to tap into your own inner understanding of what is right for you.  Try to understand your own authentic values and needs.  Be responsible for you.  This is the theme for today.  

The Lovers

In the Tarot this vibration equates with the Lovers.  Harmonising with your own heart space brings the balance you need to activate the essence of the balanced masculine and feminine within.  This can be known as the love vibration with absolute harmony between all aspects of relationship with self, family and others.  This is a great vibration to start new relationships or to even get married because it represents the marriage between opposites!

Find a balance of giving and receiving and put more emphasis on your vulnerabilities rather than on how well you perform.  In some small way find something to commit to today because this energy serves well to find the strength in commitment.

Colours for today are orange, green and indigo.

Affirmation for you today

I am love and I am deeply committed to serving to love at the highest ideal.  Love is all around me.

Dance of the Eternal Flame

Through my own journey of meeting and merging with my twin flame and Healing the Wound between Twin Souls, Spirit has downloaded to me a new technique of how to heal the split between twin souls so the reunion of the Incarnate Twin Flames can take place.

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