Thursday, October 31, 2019

Love Made in Heaven

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Love on Earth as it is in Heaven

Wow what a beautiful energy!  This is all about love and relationships, partnerships and so much unconditional love!  Use that love to be creative.  Let the love flow like a bird on a wing, that's the song that comes to me for this energy.  Love and marriage under this vibration is a very fortunate opportunity.  As above so below, the reflection of the Heavens is shining upon you.  

Keep your vision of the relationship that is made in Heaven, because this influence can certainly help create that.  In fact it is creating that.  

Love Made in Heaven

Close your eyes, visualise receiving the perfect relationship made in Heaven but reflected back down to you here on Earth.  Give it a symbol, but not a scenario, because you are bound to miss something.  Ask the Heavens for a symbol of what would represent your perfect Heavenly made relationship and use that symbol as you focus on receiving the perfected Heavenly made relationship filled with unconditional love... don't forget to add a great big dash of unconditional love .... think Twin Flame, a healed, harmonious, balanced, full union Twin Flame, not a broken one!  Be careful what you wish for!  

Happy creating..... Aummmmm

Your Affirmation

As above, so below, my love is made manifest on Earth.  We are in full union and dance in harmony with the Divine Plan and so it is.   

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