Sunday, June 30, 2024

62/8 Sacred Union

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Sacred Union Energies of 62/8

You are being showered with the combined energies of Heaven and Earth in harmony with each other.  This brings relationships into harmony and helps to activate the Heavenly sent unconditional energies of our infinite universe.

There is so much offered here as you are given the opportunity to say goodbye to karmic situations that no longer serve you, because you have finally understood the meaning of forgiveness that in turn begins to awaken unconditional love.

You have gained an understanding of the greater purpose and mission of what incarnating is all about.  This is such an exciting energy and can be overwhelming as you embrace the love of your Higher Self, your Guides and all enlightened beings that work along side you.  This, is a true gift of awakening to what lies at the core of who you are.

This vibration is Sacred Union bringing Realisation of the Truth of who we are.

The Colours

The colour vibrations being showered you are Indigo for realisation and deep awakening and awareness.  Orange for harmony, joy of the soul and a meeting place of energies that activate doing with clarity.  And the magnificent Magenta bringing Heaven and Earth together.  Here we have the strength of our physicality and the blessing of our Heavenly self coming into union.  Unconditional love and forgiveness abounds!


I "see" all things as a symphony of joy and harmony and I feel my inner being dancing with the whole of the Universe.  I Am in perfect balance and harmony with both Heaven and Earth and a love that knows no bounds sings within my every cell.  I Am at One with the Infinite Love of the All.... Amen

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