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Universal Number 60/6 Indigo Divine Mind

angel in indigo and white
Indigo activates Divine Mind

Universal Number 60/6 

The Universal number 60/6 suggests there is something moving within you.  A new location, a new home, something is calling you. This is a in alignment with your spiritual desires.  Listen to you intuition here because it is speaking clearly to you. Spend time around your spiritual family which is not necessarily your birth family. This is a time of love and a meeting of minds.  

Being around like-minded friends is the message with this vibration because you will receive inspiration from each other as your minds link into the higher self. 

This is a love vibration but at another level.  This is a more spiritual union not of karmic connections but more at the mind level where companionship is more important than physical relationship.  Great missions can be accomplished under this vibration.

Indigo Divine Mind

The colours to help you tap into this vibration are indigo and white with indigo the overall theme. Indigo invites in the Divine mind.

Affirmation for Divine Connection

I call forth my divine companion at the level of the mind grid.  Our coming together is imminent and our mission begins.  And so, it is.

Twin Flame

This is a Twin Flame vibration, so be sure to use the affirmation to help call in your Twin Flame or Divine Counterpart/ascending partner and please do let me know how you feel when you use this one.  Write it on a piece of paper and learn it off by heart and recite as often as you can and let the magic happen! 

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