Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Colour of the Day White

This image was taken in the night skies on the Nile in Egypt when we were working with the energies of Thoth.  It is the orb consciousness of the Ibis (Thoth)

Numerology Day Vibration 44

Thoth the Ibis Headed God of Wisdom

The wisdom of Thoth, Scribe of the Gods is awakening in us the desire to go within to seek our answers.  This vibration connects us to the Higher Mind/Universal Mind and the moon and our intuitive self; this is a very powerful vibration.  Watch your thoughts today and notice those thought that keep just popping in as they are messages that you should take notice of.  Your ability to reach for guidance from your Higher Self is very much closer to you today as the Master Thoth beckons you to listen.

Daily Affirmation
I am at one with the Universal Mind and the Wisdom of the Universe comes to me easily.

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