Sunday, January 1, 2017

21/3 a Yellow Day

yellow the most luminous light
Yellow is the most luminous light

21/3 Yellow and the most Luminous Day of All!

Wow, what blessings are being bestowed upon us today!  The vibrations are really something else under this influence.  We have it all here 1, 2, 3 although naturally not in that order.  We are reminded to create from those seeds and intentions and when we do we shall surely reap the joy and wonderment of creation.  Under the 20/2 vibration, we were asked to be in unity with both aspects of ourselves in order to create.  Well, today, we have birthed that creation or are given the opportunity to do so.  

Today shares the bounty that comes with the trine or the trinity energy.  Life becomes effortless if you are in tune with what is on offer energetically and you can tap into your inner gifts and embrace the advantage of opportunities offered.  Don't ignore them!  

Today holds the energy of the path of least resistance but that should not mean that you go all lack lustre and ignore opportunity!  This is a most luminous, most lustrous day because yellow is the most luminous colour of our spectrum;


Yellow brightens our World

The energies of today give us a most magnanimous gift and you should really take notice of what the blessings are that are here for you!

Today holds so much light, just like the vibration of yellow, vibrating to the numerical vibration of 3 it offers you spiritual upliftment and resonates with God realisation and Christ Consciousness.  You can really make the most of today.  

Yellow Vibration Essential Oils


This oil encourages the release of frustrated feelings and helps to disperse stagnant energies.  It helps with stress, tension and anxiety.

Bergamot is good for the liver, depression and for the digestive system.


Lavender is a truly universal oil bringing balance to body, mind and spirit.  Lavender will calm pent up feelings and also calms an overactive liver balancing out the emotions.  Lavender can help with sleep deprivation and an overactive mind.


Sacred Rosemary helps with digestive problems like indigestion, bloating, stomach cramps and is also great for liver and gallbladder support.

Rosemary helps to re-ignite your fire inside and gives you inner strength helping you to come back in line with your greatest desires and passions for life.


Mandarin strengthens the digestive system and liver and promotes a feeling of joy.  Mandarin helps to disperse stagnant energies and releases frustration.  It also has very good sedative qualities which helps with irritability and insomnia.


Like the other yellow vibration oils, patchouli is also good for digestive issues and helps with a deficiency in the spleen and pancreas areas.  

Patchouli helps with emotional level, tranquilising, calming and relaxing.  Patchouli brings balance to the emotions and calms the mind.  A good oil to use when you are worrying excessively.

Clary Sage

Once again good for digestion and intestinal cramps.

Like the name suggests, clary sage helps bring clarity to a situation and brings you back into the present moment, therefore it is good for depression and anxiety and really does connect with the quality of yellow that says "Yellow will leave no stone unturned".... it brings clarity!


Really good for flatulence, nausea, constipation and indigestion.

The oil of spikenard helps us to connect with Spirit and let go of our ego centred self and surrendering the need for control.

In Ancient Egypt they used Spikenard for anxiety, promoting a restful sleep and as a Holy Oil for meditation and ritual purposes.

Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile helps with the liver to release stagnant energies, purify the live and discharge toxins from the body.  It is very good for stomach problems and for calming children.

Yellow Affirmation for Today

I do not let that which shines for me go unnoticed.  I see the brightness of every opportunity and I immerse myself in the Luminous Light of the Universal energies.... I too do shine!


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