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Breathe Orange for Etheric Strength

Breathe Orange

Strengthen the Etheric Field

This morning I was reading through the first lesson of the Free Colour Therapy course and it reminded me of an experience I had when I was travelling through Mexico in 2006.  So, I thought I would share this particular experience with you today, so you can see how colour really can help.

I had a desire to meet with a Shaman, but I did not want to set this up.  I love to experience things that are meant to come our way and not only that, I didn't really know if a commercialised Shaman was going to do the trick.  Anyway, I set the intention to meet with a Shaman if it was divinely right for me to do so.

One day my daughter that I was travelling with and I went into the centre of town in Merida.  We sat in the quiet on the side of the street watching a parade when a man approached us.  He started to talk to my daughter in Spanish.  I don't speak any Spanish so I didn't know what he was talking about.  She turned to me and said he just said "your mother needs healing".  I asked why and his response to my daughter was "she has a problem in her heart and it is connected with a man and she can't have him."  Now, that is a long story, one for another time, but it was true.  I had met someone and we were in daily contact via email as I traveled but it was not possible for me to enter into a relationship with this man.  Or, it could have been the Egyptian that had started to pursue me, who in later years broke my heart into a billion shreds when he had to meet the cultural expectations of marrying Egyptian to have children.  And that is another story for another time.  However, apparently I need healing, and he said he was a Shaman, so I thought this was what I had put out, so I would go with it.  We arranged a time and he came to our backpackers room to do the healing.  He brought with him all the herbs and things he needed to do this healing.  My daughter stayed in the room with me, but at some point she decided to leave the room and he got just a little bit too close to touching me indecently, at least in my opinion.  Alarms bells rang and I asked him to stop and leave.

The following day, my daughter and I went to the bus station to catch a bus to some botanical gardens.  I can't remember which one.  Anyway as my daughter was buying tickets a man in a suit came up to me and pointed out that I had tomato sauce all over my bag and my shirt.  He said he would clean it off my bag while I cleaned it off my shirt.  I was surprised at where the sauce had come from and wasn't thinking straight.  My daughter came running... "No!! Mum!! No!!"  and she pushed him away telling him to "go!".  My daughter said, "you don't understand Mum, they are trying to get your purse".  Lucky for me, my daughter is travel savvy, triggered my emotions and all of a sudden the experience of the day before came flooding back.

We sat on the bus and I could feel all the deep buried emotions of shame and violation come over me. I knew my group of LUXOR Light meditation students were meeting in Perth that evening which was the same time as we were on the bus.  I rang them and asked if they could send me some distant healing during their meditation that night and we went on to the botanical gardens.

I felt terrible, dirty and violated and I realised that I had left myself wide open to receive an entity from the experience from the so called Shaman, but I was determined to find a symbolic reason for me to have attracted this experience into my life, but first I wanted to heal it.

When we arrived at the gardens the first thing that took my attention were the colours of the plants.  They were bold oranges and magentas, just perfect for me to heal the etheric field and repair any damange that may have come to me.  I spent my day wandering the gardens, breathing in the vibrant colours into my etheric field and still enjoyed the day, among the plants, the greenery bringing me back into balance and being able to laugh and have fun with my daughter as we marveled at the big monitor lizards

Monitor Lizard Symbology

One symbolism of the monitor lizard is that of protection.  Knowing how to protect and defend yourself is important and it takes a strong sense of self worth to do so.  Having that strong sense of self worth gives you the strength and confidence to protect and be willing to defend yourself.  I was luckily confident enough to be able to say "no, I do not wish you to go any further" and told the fake shaman to leave. 

I knew that this experience was not only for me as I see all my experiences as being teaching experiences so I can help others.  There may be others coming into my field that need help in this direction.

Healing Colours of Orange and Magenta

Orange is "the only colour that is both spiritual and physical".  It strengthens and protects our etheric field which is the sheath around our physical body that is also known in some cases as our health body.  It is really important to have a healthy and strong etheric field in order to protect ourselves.

Magenta is the colour that rebuilds our etheric field after it has become weakened.  After we have rebuilt the etheric we must continue the practice of maintaining a healthy and strong etheric body with the colour orange.  

Colour Breathing for Protection

Colour breathing is the best and easiest way I feel because you don't need any tools, you only need to know how to do it.  You don't need to carry anything around with you, you just have be be willing to take responsibility for your own auric health.

First of all clear your energy field by breathing white in through the top of your head and allow it to flood your whole body cleansing and clearing away any dull and dreary energies.  Allow it to wash away until you know you are pure and clean.  You could imagine this as a shower of white light washing away impurities.

Breathe Magenta

Now, for colour breathing with magenta you can imagine you are breathing in the colour magenta from the heavens above.  Take the breath in through the crown chakra (top of head) and breathe it down and into the body allowing it to overflow out into the invisible colouring in line around the body that represents the etheric sheath.  Continue to do this until you feel you have fully rebuilt and strengthened the etheric field.  You could take a daily prescription of magenta of 3 doses of magenta colour breathing 3 times a day for 3 days and then shift to breathing orange.

Now for maintaining your etheric field in a healthy and strong condition you should use the colour breathing technique daily or at least when you know you are tired or feeling depleted.  You have to work with your intuition with colour and in so doing you actually strengthen your intuition.

Breathe Orange

Next after you finish your prescribed dose of magenta, you must wash away all colour with the white shower technique and then when all is clear, imagine breathing the colour orange up through your feet and take it throughout your body and allow it to overflow out into the invisible colouring in line around the psychical body.  When you know you are in a weakened or fatigued state take 3 doses of colour breathing 3 times a day until you feel you have maintained full strength.

A daily dose of colour will always keep you in tip top shape and prepare you for your spiritual journey ahead.

Healing the Inner Child

The next day we continued on to Tikal and stayed in some cute little grass huts on the beach.  This reminded me of my childhood where I always felt protected and confident.  I grew up on the beach spending my holidays in a shack on the beach with my family.  My father was a crayfisherman and so my life was always on the beach.  I loved this carefree life and the constant swimming which is a perfect way to heal the emotional body.

So, here we were, swimming in the crystal waters of Tikal.  It was the perfect completion for my healing.  My emotions were cleansed in the clear waters and my memories of my happy childhood healing any wounds of my inner child and I was aware every step of the way, of what I was doing.  I was living consciously as I always do, making sure I am fully aware of every experience as being exactly what I need at the time.

What did I gain from this Lesson?

When I returned to Australia and got back to work, what I noticed was the new clients I was attracting were clients that had experienced sexual abuse.  Now although my experience was nowhere near what they had been through, I had experienced enough to be able to relate the the feelings of my clients.  I felt the shame, the violation and the betrayal of my trust and this made me a better facilitator to assist my clients toward healing.

Every experience has a purpose.....

Infinite and colourful blessings to you

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