Friday, September 2, 2016

Day Vibration Green

Day Vibration Green

I See Trees of Green

29/11 Numerology

Today is a highly sensitive day and it seems that everywhere you look is a mirror. There is a great opportunity today to use that super sensitivity if only you will acknowledge it and share it with others.  Look within and take time to reflect but don't get caught up in the past.  Let go of old emotional wounds because what you have learned through your experience will one day help others.  Acknowledge your path as one that is actually leading you to safety, and the letting go of the old will allow you to create a much wiser path ahead.  Take notice of what you do see in others today.. do you see good or otherwise?  Whatever you see, recognise you have it in you, so either embrace or let go, it's your choice.

Green Day

The colour green is very important today.  This is an amazing opportunity for self healing so immerse yourself in nature and give yourself time to reflect.  To bring you out of the less than happy states that may nudge at you, bring in a bit of orange and and then a dash of gold so you can see the wisdom of it all.

Daily Affirmation

As I feel, I know and I embrace that which is deep within me, I acknowledge my inner wisdom and I reflect that wisdom out into the world.

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