Thursday, September 1, 2016

Golden 999 Vibration of September

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Golden 999 Vibration

September Vibration

September is a 9 month which basically means cleaning up and getting rid of the old.  

In the Southern Hemisphere it is Spring so we use it for Spring cleaning and getting rid of all that does not serve us any more and putting a spark back into us in readiness for the new growth that a comes if we have served our bodies and spirit well during our rest period in winter.

In the Northern Hemisphere, September is the month of Autumn and so, it's still a time to get rid of all the old and outworn so that when you enter winter you can simply rest without carrying any of the baggage you brought along throughout the year.  That way you can rest up and be ready for the new growth that comes in spring.  So, every Spring we want new growth ..... so do that spring clean!  And, every Autumn/Fall we want to get rid of the baggage so we can rest easy in winter and not have a hard job on our hands come the next spring.

Surrender in September

September is a Golden month; a month of wisdom and and higher thinking a truly higher vibration.... we are always on the higher plane when we are willing to let go of what we no longer need.... surrender....

999 Gateway

September 2016 is a 999 gateway month; a 999... let's look at that

9th month and 2016 is a 9 year 2+0+1+6=9 but wait that is not all.  September (9) + 2016 (9) = another 9, so we have 999 which means on the 9th we will have a 9999... you will have to stay tuned for that post.

999 Mission Status

Whatever you do, please, do not waste this month.  The triple 9's mean we are amplifying the opportunity for gaining greater divine wisdom.  We have the opportunity to clear away all the dross in order to open to our Soul's divine mission.  This really is mission status here.  999 means service to humanity, it really is a higher order vibration.  We are all a part of that, but we are not all a part of bringing action to the mission.  We know action follows thought, so the more intention you can put towards bringing your mission into place the more action we can as a group collective bring about change and healing and spiritual evolution to humanity.

How do we do that?  Don't worry too much about "what is my mission?".  Because, when we do that, it becomes all about me, me me.  But if you ask "what can I do to assist with the global mission for healing humanity", then we just have to do something.  We can all do something and we just have to let go of the attachment to self importance which after all is only ego and 999 really is about dropping the ego and simply being of divine service to the greater good and then your own true mission will begin to unfold.

The Greater Good

999 is about the Greater Good, or the Greater God.  We can see that simply by looking at the colour vibration.  The colour vibration of 9 is Gold and Gold is God.  This September we have Gold, Gold, Gold, so we have God, God, God and we are opening to the Greater Good or the Greater God.  This is wisdom at it's highest and we don't get this opportunity very often.  So, September 2016 vibration is about wisdom, wisdom, wisdom.

9 September 2016 Energy Vibration

So, that is not all...  On 9 September 2016 we have a 9 9 9 Power Day.  The whole month works this 999 vibration but is removed slightly with the other day vibration.  But, on the 9th it is a pure 999 vibration.  This day will be very powerful and one that really will help you to activate new energy toward your soul purpose.

Let's all do something and clean out our own heaviness in order to reach up into the lighter and higher realms with our new clean and clear vibrations....

Happy Golden September!


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