Sunday, April 7, 2024

Universal Number 37/10 Sacred Mysteries of Humanity

yellow violet and red

Vibration 37/10

Solving the Sacred Mysteries of the Architecture of Humanity

The Universe is showering you with the magic and this magic has the potential to awaken you to a greater degree and help you to awaken to your Passion!  The sacred 3 and the sacred 7, the two most sacred numbers that hold the keys to the sacred architecture of humanity, the mysteries that we must all solve for ourselves.  This is truly an energy of mystery, and we should be aware of the signs presented to us as we go about our days.  

Be awake, be alert, be fully conscious of all you do, there are secrets being shown to you and those secrets hold the key to opening a new door... look and you shall see, listen and you shall hear, ask and you shall know.....  

11:11 Egypt Nile Retreat

Colours of 37/10

Are you confused and trying to find answers, if so, then use yellow, it leaves no stone unturned, and will help you find clarity.  Violet contains the secrets of all your hidden mysteries, meditate inside a beautiful violet bubble.  Red is the overall theme and is dynamic, present and in your face and will certainly help you to get things done!  

Listen to the sacred sounds within your own energy field, simply listen and all will be revealed.  

Perfect vibration meditation.

Affirmation for 37/10
In my power I Am. I trust in the process of life and all wisdom is in me.

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