Monday, June 24, 2024

In You I See Me 56/11

The perfected Hu-Man

56/11 Vibration

The  Healer
This energy brings balance and harmony.  It allows you to see all things through the eyes of truth and insights are highly likely with this very refined frequency.  We have the opportunity to open and access our perfect intuition with balance into our perfect nature; perfected man as represented by the DaVinci man.  

The expression of truth, the vision of truth and the embracing of no fear.  The ultimate mirror is yours now and you are asked to see the bigger picture.  See that which you came to do, you are spirit on earth, but you must set your roots and hold that divine spirit in place.  And to do that you must first climb and when you have climbed you must then come back and anchor that expression on Earth.  

Colours 56/11

The higher expressions involved in assisting you with this ultimate aim are blue, indigo and Green bringing balance and harmony as you move into your true nature.

Affirmation for 56/11 Vibration
I am balanced on all levels, I penetrate to the truth, I am Truth, I see you in me and I embrace all in Oneness.

Visionary Readings/Healings

A visionary healing with ChristinA brings you a full report of what is happening in your energy field as well as a symbolic visionary reading/guidance

Becoming the Master Healer

If you would like to become a Master Healer with Colour Therapy, you can begin your own healing process and learn more about colour and how to live the energies in our Colour Therapy Level One and if you choose you can complete the whole course to become a Colour Therapist.  Follow this Link to find out how

Balancing Masculine and Feminine

Moving toward a higher consciousness begins with developing masculine and feminine balance within within each and every one of our chakras.  This is naturally a journey that each of us takes.  For those on a conscious spiritual path it is faster than for those who are not.  But how can you "consciously" do this and help the healing and therefore development accelerate?  That is exactly what the LUXOR Light Ascension Program is designed to do.  It is not just a meditation healing program, but it is a transference of energies that support this exact process.  This is a journey and with the support of the LUXOR Light frequencies, which are directly distributed to us from Sirius, the home of the ascension, we are able to harness a series of energies within a particular system of Self-Healing directed toward Self-Love and not only develop the masculine and feminine in the higher degree, but bring them into balance and in turn into full union.  In time you are able to fully connect with your Twin Soul at the level of the tenth dimension and that then amplifies your journey further.  As all chakras then begin to embody a higher consciousness, we draw to us the perfect experiences and opportunities that enable us to embark upon our Soul's mission that we incarnated to do.  The magnetism toward your divine counterpart is also a natural progression of this program. #twinflames 

If you would like to learn awaken to a greater degree and learn more, please connect with me

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