Thursday, June 27, 2024

59/5 Bringing Divine Changes

59/5 numerology and Serapis Bey bringing Change

Divine Changes

Vibration 59/5
Seeing 59/5 or 595 signifies that you are in harmony with the universe, and divine changes are unfolding. Divine travel may also be possible, indicating the start of profound inner journeys. 

Under this influence, there may be a tendency to make impulsive decisions. It is advisable to welcome this sense of joy yet pause and connect with your inner truth before acting hastily.

All is well-arranged; maintain tranquility and let the natural course of events flow toward you. Consider your path carefully before proceeding, and then fully accept the transformations that are occurring.

Colours of 59/5

Blue and Gold are the vibrations of this vibration.

Affirmation for 59/5

I am in the Divine Flow embracing the change, communicating my truth with peace and Grace.

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  1. I love that Blue and Gold are the vibrations of the day. Today I was so in the mood for cleaning and clearing!


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