Saturday, December 30, 2023

Let Go Be Free Surrender 67/13

Surrender and Let Go

Let go of what no longer serves you, this is like really, really let go.  This is like the death card offering big transformation.  It’s related mostly to the higher chakras of brow and crown.  So, there is transformation coming in relation to how you see or perceive things and how well you trust in that.  See things from the bigger picture and stay with it.  Be in allowance because things have to transform before they can move into the full change ahead.

Colours for 67/13

Indigo to seek within, violet to find stillness and "knowingness" and Ruby Gold to activate the magic within and tap into the wisdom.

Affirmation for 67/13

I Am All Seeing, All Knowing and I create Great Transformation because I Am

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