Thursday, January 11, 2024

38/11 The Master Healer

You are the Healer 38/11

You are the Master Healer

38/11 The Master Healer

Look to yourself first and acknowledge that you are the reflection of that which you see.  The infinite potentiality of all that lies within you can only open when you understand and acknowledge that the power is yours to receive and to give.  No one can take it away from you, only you can give it away.  Look to the self first to forgive, and to love unconditionally. Your sensitivities are in truth your power, you are the infinite power of joy, let that joy shine from you and touch all who come your way.  

Colours for 38/11

Use yellow to help you stay in the joy, while magenta will encourage forgiveness and unconditional love.  Green is your Master Healer as you too are the Healer of you.

38/11 Affirmation

I am loved infinitely and I love infinitely.  I am in unity with my souls true desire and my Infinite Presence touches all I meet.

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  1. Thank you dear ChristinA. Yellow is actually my favourite colour, I love that it helps us stay in the joy. x
    Today here in Greece is very special too as it's the name of day of Michael. Remembering the day we visited the oldest church in Crete (the Rotunda) built in 530 AD which is dedicated to Archangel Michael. Blessings from Crete. x


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