Thursday, May 2, 2024

Merging Mind and Body 31/4

Merging Mind and Body

It might feel like everything is just too hard to pull into balance when you come across this vibration, because we are likely to have a bit of a battle on our hands between mind and body.  The body and the mind tend to clash on this vibration and what the mind wants to do and what the body can do are often two different things.  So in order to allow some sort of co-operation here and get the two working together rather than against each other, we should seek the greens in nature to give us that much needed balance.  

When we merge the mind and the body, we find the Heart!

Your body will feel the imbalance, you can check the mind and see what it is that it is doing, then come into the centre point within your heart and ask to bring balance to your mind and body... then you will feel an instant shift... try this...

Listen to your body, check your mind and align with your heart.  What is running through your mind?  Is it really of service to you?  Just do a double take, Anything that does not feel like joy or bliss is not for your highest good, therefore you need to bring awareness to that.  you will feel it in your body, once your mind starts to take over and gradually you are creating a great big chaotic disturbance in your life.

Close your eyes, feel into your heart and say "I release all pain and suffering now!"


It's green vibration and we really need it on a day ruled by the 31/4. Three's are yellow and ones are red and we know red and yellow really do clash, so how about instead of using red and yellow here we merge them because we really are looking for harmony.  If we merge them and use orange we will have a much more co-operative team and we just might be able to set to work and use this Bob the builder type energy to it's best.  When it all gets too hard, remember to rest in the serenity of nature and get a dose of green!


My mind and my body work in awesome harmony and we achieve through a process of order.  

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