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Th Universal Energies of 54/9 Wisdom Nature The Compassionate Buddha

Avalokitesvara the Compassionate Buddha
Avalokitesvara the Compassionate Buddha

54/9 The Compassionate Buddha

The Universal number 54/9 suggests you've come full circle, but you can't move into the new phase until you tidy up some loose ends.  Take some time to reflect on any personal hurts that you may have endured and let go with love.  Look at others and the pain in the world and open your heart in compassion and see the wisdom in caring and being of service to others. 

This is the vibration of the Compassionate Buddha, and the Universe asks you today to find this within yourself.  

Lift yourself up beyond the earthly woes and see from a higher perspective.  See that all has its place, and all is an expression of the Wisdom of our Inner nature.  Now is the time to clean out that inner nature to bring it up to the pure essence of being that you truly are.

Colour Vibes for 54/9 

Blue for feelings of peace and freedom, easy expression and communication.  Green for balance and harmony and opening the heart and Gold for the pure wisdom that comes from knowing when to tidy up and finish a cycle.  

Affirmation for 54/9
I am compassionate to all Beings.  I love and let love, I live and let live and in this I am in touch with my true infinite wisdom nature.

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Becoming the Buddha

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