Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Cross of Honour 57/3

Lord Lanto Hierarch of the Second Yellow Ray by Marius Michael George https://www.facebook.com/pages/Healthy-Vibrant-You/381747648567846:
Lord Lanto of the Yellow Ray

The Cross of Honour 57/3

This energy brings us the tests of discernment through the yellow ray.  Sometimes we find it hard to walk and talk our truth, trusting that we will not be harmed in the process.  Often that stems from our experiences in past lives and we are faced with it again in this life until we are able to come totally into our Divine Power and trust that we are not going to be harmed and that in fact we can do not just ourselves a disservice by not walking and talking our truth but we also do others a disservice.  There is nothing beautiful about hiding our inner shine!

Take a breath, trust in your truth and let that shine forth like a yellow beacon unafraid to show your brilliance.  If you can live an open and truthful life you will become more tolerant and sympathetic toward others and in a world where everyone lives an open and honest life we will most certainly be living in brilliance of light, of love and we will most certainly be expressing our Souls desire.

Colours of 57/3

The colours that are going to guide you with this vibration are blue, violet and in total, Yellow.

57/3 Affirmation

I express my truth through my inner knowing and I shine that inner light wherever I go.

Intuitive Soul Readings

I connect with your on an energetic level and am able align with what is happening with your on an energetic level.  I can see the health of your energetic field and guide you on your spiritual path.  I see visions that give clarity on what is happening for you.  All my visions and insights are connected to your highest spiritual direction.  I do not predict the future or give outcomes.  I guide and support you to awaken to ever expanding heights of consciousness and help you to develop, balance and come into full union with your masculine and feminine aspects so you can awaken to your full potential.
I "see", I "hear", I "feel".

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