Tuesday, June 20, 2023

65/11 High Aspirations

65/11 High Aspirations

A highly refined energy opens us to a very powerful healing opportunity.  Through this energy, we can bring our healing and our desires into full manifestation.  It is an energy that suggests holding the vision of what you wish to change in your life.  Hold the vision of the truth, the change and know that your vision has the power to heal.  This vibration brings healing to the mirror of ourselves.  That can be in any form be it the divine opposite or divine equal, or a situation that mirrors back to us exactly what it is we need to heal within.  Under this influence you will be more aware of your triggers and more in tune with the refined elements within.  Your intuition is strong and you should keep aware of your "inner eye" and what it is showing you.


Indigo for accessing the deep mystery.  Blue for the changes, the peace and the willingness to express serenity and Green the master healer of all.


I see all things with clarity and feel the deep inner peace of knowingness.  I am the master healer of my life.

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