Monday, August 28, 2023

Finding Sacred Relationship 61/7

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Divine Relationship with Self 61/7

Finding Sacred Relationship with Self

What are your thoughts and intentions around relationship?  Have you ever really given it serious thought, or are you caught up in what things should be like?  Have you ever thought that there is a process, a divine process that needs to take place, a trust, an inner Knowing that should be followed?  Have you ever allowed relationship to truly find you instead of you trying to find relationship?  This is what today's energies want us to look at.

Look at the divine gift we have been given, be it love relationship or family even and most importantly with your Self.  Our thoughts will always govern how the relationship flows because when we ask of the divine we get what we ask for, so if we are always in negative thought, or controlling thought, or holier than thou thought, that is exactly what we will attract.

Today, the energies want you to go beyond the thought process and connect with the true essence of the flow within relationships.  All relationships are sent to help us learn about ourselves.  Today, we are asked to look at our connection in relationships and in particular look at your relationship with your father and step it up and look at your relationship with God and your true divine spark that ignites the God connection in you.

Can you see who you are through the reflection of the one standing in front of you?

Colours of the Day

To be in alignment today, the over all colour is Violet, but within that you need to go deep into introspection with indigo and add a tiny dash of red to be sure you are awake and present with what you are doing.  The violet will take you into the mystery and allow you to connect with your higher self...

Affirmation for the day

I Am fully present within my relationships and I lovingly witness the divine within me and the divine within the connection I have with others.  I see and therefore I Am.

Ascension with LUXOR Light

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