Sunday, November 4, 2018

Truth Power is Infinitum

Magenta flower

Truth power is infinitum


The Universe wants you to know the Truth is in you when you stay true to yourself and listen to your own inner urges. When you can follow your own inner guidance and be true to that, then, you will tap into the Infinite power of the Universe.  Unconditional love opens the door to forgiveness and forgiveness opens the door to Infinite love and Unity and so, forgiveness opens the door to unconditional love; they go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other.

Colours for the Day

Yellow brings joy and asserts confidence and blue tames the anxious mind.  These influences are here for you today to clear the pathway and bring you into the space of forgiveness and then the rewards will be showered upon you through the Magenta ray clearing away old karma that no longer serves your true purpose.

Affirmation for today:

As above, so below, I am the earth, you are the sun and together we are One.

LUXOR Light, Where the Lion's Gate is always Open

You can find the Lion's Gate Portal always open through the LUXOR Light system of Ascension.  This incredible opportunity was offered to us in 2004 as Gateway to the Higher Frequencies, the Sirian energies that are totally in alignment with the Lion's Gate Portal.  A portal to Higher Consciousness available to you now and always, enabling you to work at an accelerated rate and yet in your own time frame.  This means that when the Lion's Gate Portal opens every year, you are able to awaken and embody the new even more fully than previously and the infinite potentials just keep getting greater and you embody more and more of your Higher Self, that part of you that knows all and is able to awaken and continue to awaken.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Aligning Heart Mind 34/7

Heart and Mind Align

Aligning Heart Mind

Numerology 34/7 Day Vibration

The Universe asks you to trust in the Now, follow your heart and to have love of the self and you can be assured that your path will open before you;  You will know what to do, what boundaries to set, what foundations to lay and you will glide easily with the current in the direction of the natural flow of life.  When you align your mind with your heart, you will then know only peace, feel love and know and express joy.  

Colours of the Day

The main colour theme for today is Violet with the vibrations of yellow and green to keep you aligned with the underlying expressions of love and joy. 

Daily Affirmation:

I open my heart to Joy and Trust in the Divine Flow that guides me in everything I do.  Every thing I think and every thing I feel is aligned with the Great Divine, I Am.

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Friday, November 2, 2018

33/6 Awaken to your Mission!

33 Awakening to your Mission

33/6 Numerology Day Vibration 

 Awakening to your Mission!

Today resonates to the master frequency of 33 and therefore the colour is also of a very high and masterful order.  Under this vibration missions are awakened!  Here you have surpassed the pain of the anxious world and you no longer seek to know what lies ahead but rather you are able to stay focused in the Now and know that in the Now all else matters not.  Yesterday has gone and tomorrow has not yet arrived, so why worry?  If there is no yesterday and there is no tomorrow and you are held stable in the Now you will be sitting in absoluteness.  This is the vibration of Christ Consciousness awakening in you.  The Joy of being fully merged with the Soul means that the only path is that which is your mission. The brilliance of your mental faculties is not concerned with what you know on a conscious level because it Knows that in the flow of Joy and the immersion of Christ Light the path that beckons you will unfold one step at a time and all you have to do is hold the Joy!  We go from a brilliance of yellow and white light that awakens the Joy within and burst forth into the magnificence of Magenta as our Heavenly Mission merges with our Earthly path.  

Today's Vibration is Magenta!

Daily Affirmation:

In the Light of Christ Consciousness I Am!  My path is one of absolute Joy and my Soul is but a Portal to a Higher Way.  I step into and through the Portal of Joy and walk forward along the path to Bliss I Am!

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Feeling Liberated 32/5

Related image orange, yellow and blue in nature

Day Vibration Blue

32/5 Numerology for the Day

It really was worth it all that hard work yesterday because look what you built!  Today is so restful, really it is, today says, you know what, you did it, you liberated yourself into a space of harmony and won out over the ego.  Today says take a break, or if you like, get set and go wandering and embrace some of this new change and freedom that you have allowed into your life.  You have embraced a new freer mind who doesn't have to be the one who knows it all, but rather is willing to work in harmony with others in order to achieve a greater degree of expansion and liberation.  At least that is what the Universe is offering you today if you can take it.  Change can't come unless you are willing to break down a few old outworn habits of mind control.  If you co-operated yesterday you will find today such a breeze.  Go on, go outside and seek the blue skies, lay down on the grass and place your hands on your solar plexus and your sacral chakra and put a smile on your face and accept the expansion the Universe is offering!

Daily Affirmation:
I dance in the Joy of Freedom and Liberation, I am Free

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Finding Sacred Relationship 61/7

Image result for divine relationship indigo red and violet
Divine Relationship with Self 61/7

Numerology 61/7

Finding Sacred Relationship with Self

What are your thoughts and intentions around relationship?  Have you ever really given it serious thought, or are you caught up in what things should be like?  Have you ever thought that there is a process, a divine process that needs to take place, a trust, an inner Knowing that should be followed?  Have you ever allowed relationship to truly find you instead of you trying to find relationship?  This is what today's energies want us to look at.

Look at the divine gift we have been given, be it love relationship or family even and most importantly with your Self.  Our thoughts will always govern how the relationship flows because when we ask of the divine we get what we ask for, so if we are always in negative thought, or controlling thought, or holier than thou thought, that is exactly what we will attract.

Today, the energies want you to go beyond the thought process and connect with the true essence of the flow within relationships.  All relationships are sent to help us learn about ourselves.  Today, we are asked to look at our connection in relationships and in particular look at your relationship with your father and step it up and look at your relationship with God and your true divine spark that ignites the God connection in you.

Can you see who you are through the reflection of the one standing in front of you?

Colours of the Day

To be in alignment today, the over all colour is Violet, but within that you need to go deep into introspection with indigo and add a tiny dash of red to be sure you are awake and present with what you are doing.  The violet will take you into the mystery and allow you to connect with your higher self...

Affirmation for the day

I Am fully present within my relationships and I lovingly witness the divine within me and the divine within the connection I have with others.  I see and therefore I Am.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

60/6 Indigo Divine Mind

Related image angel in indigo and white

Indigo Divine Mind

60/6 Numerology Vibration

Something is moving within you.  A new location, a new home, something is calling you. This is a in alignment with your spiritual desires.  Listen to you intuition here because it is speaking clearly to you.

Spend time around your spiritual family which is not necessarily your birth family. This is a time of love and a meeting of minds.  Being around like minded friends is a must today as you will receive inspiration from each other as your minds link in to the higher self.

This is a love vibration but at another level.  This is a more spiritual union not of karmic connections but more at the mind level where companionship is more important than physical relationship.  Great missions can be accomplished under this vibration.

Todays vibrations are indigo and white with indigo the overall theme.

Affirmation for Twin Flame Connection

I call forth my divine companion at the level of the mind grid.  Our coming together is imminent and our mission begins.  And so it is.

Twin Flame

This is a Twin Flame vibration, so be sure to use the affirmation to help call in your Twin Flame or Divine Counterpart/ascending partner and please do let me know how you feel when you use this one.  Write it on a piece of paper and learn it off by heart and recite as often as you can and let the magic happen!

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Monday, October 29, 2018

59/5 Bringing Divine Changes

59/5 numerology and Serapis Bey bringing Change

Divine Changes

Day Vibration 59/5

We are in the flow here and divine changes are upon us, even divine travel is possible.  Divine Travel or Divine journeys beginning.  You will be inclined to act a little impulsively under this influence so I suggest to you that you embrace this joyous feeling but breathe deep and tap into your divine truth before you act too quickly.

Everything is in order and all you have to do is hold the peace and allow the flow to come to you. Discern the path before you tread and then embrace the changes that are upon you.

Colours of the Day

Blue and Gold are the vibrations of the day.

Affirmation for today

I am in the Divine Flow embracing the change, communicating my truth with peace and Grace.

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