Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Ready for Abundance 28/10

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Are you Red Ready for Abundance?

28/10 Numerology vibration

What an abundantly rewarding energy!  Choose to tap into the Universal supply that is on offer.  There is a karmic influence at play here suggesting that the rewards that are yours from the good you have done in the past and in past lives are yours.  You have sown well and now you are creating from what you have sown.  There is a beautiful balance of as above so below that wants you to know that this new cycle is exactly as you have created.  There is great spiritual unity suggested in this light that is bestowed upon you now.  Close your eyes and welcome the abundance from your own creations.

Red is the theme of 28/10, add a dash of the creative orange and unified magenta and Wow! what a dynamic mix of energies are here, it's is all go!  

Remember, to receive the infinite supply you have to be in a positive state of mind... what you think you create!  Make it good!

28/10 Affirmation:
As I think so do I create. I am infinitely grateful to the Universe for all the abundant goodness it showers upon me, today and always. 

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