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Numerology 37/10 today's Energies

37/10 and the tarot
37/10 King of Cups

Symbolism in the Tarot

For me, numerology and colour has always been my tool for awakening my intuitive senses. Watching the signs in nature and in fact all around me.  Finding the symbolic meaning for everything that happens around me, has opened doors to greater understanding of the journey that is in front of me.  

The Tarot is another such key to understanding ourselves and what is going on in our subconscious mind.  And, like being the observer in your own life, you have to look deep.  There is so much symbolism in the Tarot that if you skim the surface you will never understand what the message is.  So too, if we don't look out for the signs around us that are trying to speak to us and guide us in the right direction.  So, in each tarot card there is a depth of symbolism that you must look deep into, just like looking deep into your Self.  

There can be many interpretations and the interpretation is that which jumps out at you.  If you learn the symbolism you will know exactly what the message is that is trying to be conveyed to you.  Look deep into the cards, how much symbolism do you miss?  This is how much of the message you miss.  How much symbolism do you see?  This is the message for you today.  Look and that which jumps out at you, holds the key to understanding. What is the most obvious symbolism speaking to you today.  That bit holds your message.

I'm bringing to you, the connection between numerology and the Tarot and pointing out the colour symbolism, so you can have a better understanding of what the Wisdom of the Tarot is saying to you.

37/10 The King of Cups

The Grey Throne

The King of Cups sits on his grey stone throne.  Grey is not really anywhere, it's not here, it's not there, it sits between the black and the white.  The colour grey neutral, a balance.  It is emotionless, conservative and sophisticated.  So, the King of Cups is sitting on the throne of neutrality, balanced and poised in his emotions.

Turbulent Sea

He definitely looks very calm as he sits amongst the turbulent sea.  The sea is representing the emotions and although turbulent, the King is not phased at all.  He can handle anything.

His Fish Necklace

He wears a necklace with a fish amulet.  The fish symbolises spirit and creativity and represents balance of the unconscious and conscious.  Fish are able to go with the current or go with the flow and yet they can dive deep into the watery emotions and handle the current.  So, he wears the fish amulet suggesting he is very intuitive and able to pick up on things.  They can sense what direction to go.

Fish Jumping out of the Sea

In the background on his right side you can see a fish jumping out of the turbulent sea. This seems to suggest that he has had a break through.  His subconscious has found it's way through the turbulent emotions.  The right side is the present moment and sometimes the future.  This suggests that right now you have to opportunity for a breakthrough.  Don't wait to dive back in to the depths of the emotions, take this opportunity Now, because right now, you fly free!

Sailing Ship

On the left you can see just peeking through, a ship sailing steadily on the ocean.  It is riding the waves, suggesting the King is well apt to be able to ride the waves of emotion.  He has it all under control and as you can see, he certainly does not look overwhelmed.  He has not ignored his emotions, he has allowed them to be and he has used his intuitive abilities to learn to understand them.  Giving him greater understanding of himself.

Cup and the Sceptre

He holds the cup in right hand and the sceptre in the left.  The cup respresents the vessel that contains the emotions.  The right had is the masculine side, the present moment.  He holds his emotions in place with the ability to be fully in the present.  

The Sceptre is a symbol of authority.  He holds it in his left hand.  The left side is the spiritual side and often the feminine side.  If emotions are feminine in nature then it suggests that he is in control or has authority over his emotional side, having mastered the spiritual and intuitive ability to be able to read what his emotions are telling him.  Understanding is always the way to mastery.  The cup and the septre are both yellow, suggesting he has his thoughts and emotions kept well in check.

His Green Feet

He has one foot on the grew stone block of neutrality and one foot tipping over toward the water.  This suggests that he is not afraid to dip his toe in and "feel".  He is holding himself still with the other foot on neutral ground, but he understands that experiencing the emotions is how he can gain greater understanding.  He feet are green, suggesting balance.

The Blue Robe

He wears a blue robe, suggesting he wears the garment of peace and it even comes down under his crown, which means his mind is also at peace.

Yellow Cloak

His cloak is yellow, suggesting he has a great intellect and he wears it well.  He wears a red sash drapped over his shoulders suggesting he is a man of action.  He likes to put his good intellect to use and does as he says he will do.  

His Crown

His crown is also yellow suggesting he is a thinker and the red jewels in it once again suggests that his mind is active and therefore his wise mind is always put to good use.

A Day Ruled by the King of Cups

On a day ruled by the 37/10 or King of Cups, be sure you hold the balance between the mind and the emotions and then you will unlock the mysteries of the 3 and the 7.  The 3 represents the mind, the intellect, the soul or spirit and the 7 represents the intuitive self, the part of you that trusts and has faith in the process of life.  The 10 sets the seeds and creates the new cycles that your thoughts and emotions are planting.  This is why it is so important to be balanced in mind and emotions before you make decisions.  So, the King of Cups has quite a lot of messages hidden away in his card there.  Remember to listen to the inner urges and never make a decision when you are in an emotional state. Remember the King of Cups and his control over his emotions and how it has made him a peaceful ruler of his own Realm!

ChristinA uses colour, numerology and tarot in her Visionary Healing work also.  You receive a full report each time you order a healing.  She believes by sharing the daily, monthly and yearly vibrations, it assists in the process of healing.  These work like keys that unlock something in the subconscious and the healing works on higher levels and you, the client becomes an active participant in your own healing journey to the Self.  You can book a remote visionary healing session with ChristinA Here.

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