Monday, February 1, 2016

Orange for Harmony and Creativity

Orange the vibration for February

Welcome to February!

Orange Month   20/2

I am going to be travelling starting today February 1, so I have changed to Colour a Month!  This will give you a great opportunity to really soak yourself in the colour vibrations of the month and see if this works better for you.

So, how did I decided that the moth of February would be a 20/2 month?

February = 2 + 2016 and I break it up like this 2 + 2 + 0 + 16 = 20 and 2+0=2

So February is a 2 month all the way through.  This is awesome, imagine how much creativity you can draw upon by utilising the frequencies of orange on a daily basis.

Don't forget that also means that February is a month that resonates with the second chakra - the Sacral Chakra.  What an awesome way to focus on healing your inner child, fear, attachment issues, sexuality including sexually related guilt, shyness, emotionality, hypersensitivity and relationship issues. 

You might be either showing signs of neediness which means you have an under-active sacral chakra or if your sacral chakra is over acitive then you might struggle showing your emotions at all!

Of course the colour is orange and the element is water, so you should spend a lot of time around the ocean or lakes and rivers, streams etc, anywhere that you can invoke the element of water to assist you to heal and balance your sacral chakra.  Make this your focus for February.  Even if you are balanced, some time committed to you using the element of water will be such a blessing!

Essential Oils

You can even include the use of the specific orange related essential oils.  Let's take a look at that...


Sandalwood is a sacred oil that  helps to reunite the spirit with the senses. 

In the Tarot, Sandalwood is associated with the Empress, symbolising the universal mother womb, where all gestation begins.

On a physical level of the second chakra, this oil can help with menstrual problems.  

Ylang Ylang

Ylang yalang is known for its aphrodisiac qualities. It stimulates sexual energy and enhances relationships.
It is both a stimulating and calming essential oil which reunites emotional aspects and sensual aspects of our being.

Ylang ylang is also calming on the heart,  and initiates feelings of self-love, confidence, and joy in the simple things.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is both strenghtening and relaxing. Known for its emotionally uplifting effect, this oil can bring on euphoria.  

Clary Sage promotes clarity and is especially useful during times of emotional confusion.


Jasmine is also an aphrodisiac and harmonises sensual and emotional aspects of our being. It helps to reawaken passion and restore our capacity for creativity.

On the physical level, Jasmine has been used during childbirth, easing painful and prolonged labours.

The emotional effects of Jasmine opens us to the deepest layers of the soul, allowing us to come in touch with our emotions.


Orange is an oil  that can open us to abundance and symbolises innocence and fertility.
It stimulates the liver and this uplifting oil has also the ability to free up stagnant life energy.
Orange oil can bring emotional ease, optimism, creativity, and adaptability.

When my daughter was a teenager I used to put orange oil in the bath water when she had bad period pain and it worked like a treat bringing her sacral chakra into balance. (but you can use any of the orange resonance oils)


Awaken the senses with this uplifting and at the same time relaxing oil encouraging  the release of blocked emotions.  Great for dispersing stagnant energy and releasing stress and tension and lifting depressed moods.


Another aphrodisiac promoting hormone secretion and on an emotional level it relaxes the body, calms the mind and relieves stress, allowing one to be in touch with their emotions and senses.


Neroli, also called Orange Blossom,  has powerful effects on the emotional body.  Neroli calms and relaxes the body and spirit. It encourages sensuality, peace, courage, and joy and can be used as a natural tranquilizer. Neroli is often used for anxiety and healing shock from trauma.

Orange Creating flow for your Year Ahead! 

I'm a lover of orange, it's so friendly and sociable and gives us courage when we need it.  So, in an orange month we are bestowed with the perfect energies to nudge us out to be social and to feel more of the joy of creation.  This particular orange vibration of the 20/2 helps us tap into our spiritual creativity and carries a lot of spiritual upliftment.

This vibration speaks to our soul encouraging us to find the harmony within.  It speaks very much to the two sides of us and encourages us to find unity with both masculine and feminine aspects of self.

This month we are asked to align with our higher self and allow for the creativity to flow.

Affirmation for our Orange Month

I Am in equal measure both divinely feminine and divinely masculine, I Am the Shakti and Shiva of my own inner world.  I am the Creator and I bring into creation from pure consciousness all that I have seeded through thought, word and deed.  I Am

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