Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Getting the Passion Started

My day started early and I was so excited to get moving, knowing today was the first day of the colour course.  I want to do the course with the group of 138 participants.  Enrollments were still coming through which built on the energy.  I had rushed home from Perth yesterday and the energy was and still is rapidly building.  On our side of the world the birds are singing, the air is crisp and warm at the same time and it is the first day of Spring.  

My brother dropped his dog off - my beloved Salty the Sea dog, the lawn mower man came and the phone would not stop ringing!  My first lesson had arrived in my email inbox and I wanted to get started; already the day was activating dominant red go fast energy and I would need to get a hold on this day.  Maybe I should not have dressed in red!  I haven't even read all of my own lesson plan and I'm off already!

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