Sunday, December 31, 2023

Indigo, Magenta and Blue 68/5

Indigo, Magenta and Blue Butterfly

68/5 Indigo, Magenta and Blue

This vibration is one of true unconditional love in relationships.  In this connection the union brings liberation, peace and freedom.  This is not the type of relationship/love connection that is clingy.  Quite the contrary, this vibration requires you to allow both parties their freedom.  This shows you just how far you have come in awakening the essence of unconditional love. 

Forgiveness is easy under this vibe because you have attained the full concept of what it is to be “unconditional”.  Truth is all there is, so be at peace and allow liberation to come to you. This is a true expression of the energies of the Fifth World.

Colours of Indigo, Magenta and Blue

We are looking at indigo to awaken the brow and open to the mysteries within.  Magenta to anchor heaven on earth, as above so below, let go, forgive and totally embrace in unconditional love.  Overall, the theme is blue for expansion, feeling at peace within and communicating the Truth of the All that Is.

Affirmation for 68/5

I see the deeper meaning of forgiveness and totally embrace the unconditional love that brings me liberation and freedom!

When I love, I love completely and in alignment with the true expression of the Heavenly concept of unconditional love anchored on Earth.  I am at One with the All I am Love and my love is liberating and freeing.

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