Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Love I Am


Love I Am

64/10 Love I Am

This is a very high love vibration.  It brings visions of the heart.  Visualise what you want from a space of love and beam that out to the world to bring new beginnings.  This is the vibration of the Leader of Love, the one who knows that leading with love will bring the ultimate world we all so desire.  See with the eyes of love and you will feel the love.  Feel the love and all you will see is love... this is the vibration of a perfect world, a world of Love!  This vibration comes about when there is balance and harmony with the masculine and feminine within, the sacred and divine marriage of opposites!  

See, feel and think Love!

This is a Vibration of New Beginnings!


Indigo for accessing the deep mystery, green for balance and harmony and red for initiating and sharing that love out into the world.  This is the ultimate vibration for feel secure and centred in a world where love is the goal of all of us!


I see, I think, I feel Love all around me.  I project that love out into the world and walk as the leader I Am bringing Love, sharing love, knowing love, feeling love... Love I Am 


Monday, November 29, 2021

Wisdom Consciousness

indigo, yellow and gold
Image found https://visionflow2013.com/2013/09/05/patience-love-time/

Wisdom Consciousness 63/9

Wisdom comes when you look deeper within, and feel into your own sense of personal power.  Learn to read your own energy field by feeling into it.  

Relationship, insights. growing in personal power and shining your light out to the world, that is what this energy is all about.  We are asked to tap into the Universal bank of wisdom especially when it comes to relationships and loved ones.  We are asked to feel deep into our power centre and learn to listen to what it speaks to us.   

Let go of all the old thinking patterns and outworn ideas.  This vibration asks us to align firstly with our intuition, it asks us to let intuition guide your ego centred self.  It asks you to have a relationship of true wisdom with your own mind.  Align the minds, this is the key, listen to intuition, let it feed down into your mind and then you will come into a place of higher knowing.  Follow that wisdom, let go of the mind and embrace the Great Mind of the Creator. 

Colours of the Day

Indigo, for knowing and deep mystery of what lies within.  Yellow, for bringing clarity to all and joy of seeing all things clearly.  And finally the overall colour is Gold, for knowing when to let go, when to totally surrender to the Universal Bank of True Wisdom.

Affirmation for today

I Am all seeing and all knowing, I see all things with clarity and I express my Joyful self with the Infinite Wisdom of Universal Consciousness.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Cross of Honour 57/3

Lord Lanto Hierarch of the Second Yellow Ray by Marius Michael George https://www.facebook.com/pages/Healthy-Vibrant-You/381747648567846:
Lord Lanto of the Yellow Ray

The Cross of Honour 57/3

This energy brings us the tests of discernment through the yellow ray.  Sometimes we find it hard to walk and talk our truth, trusting that we will not be harmed in the process.  Often that stems from our experiences in past lives and we are faced with it again in this life until we are able to come totally into our Divine Power and trust that we are not going to be harmed and that in fact we can do not just ourselves a disservice by not walking and talking our truth but we also do others a disservice.  There is nothing beautiful about hiding our inner shine!

Take a breath, trust in your truth and let that shine forth like a yellow beacon unafraid to show your brilliance.  If you can live an open and truthful life you will become more tolerant and sympathetic toward others and in a world where everyone lives an open and honest life we will most certainly be living in brilliance of light, of love and we will most certainly be expressing our Souls desire.

Colours of 57/3

The colours that are going to guide you with this vibration are blue, violet and in total, Yellow.

57/3 Affirmation

I express my truth through my inner knowing and I shine that inner light wherever I go.

Intuitive Soul Readings

I connect with your on an energetic level and am able align with what is happening with your on an energetic level.  I can see the health of your energetic field and guide you on your spiritual path.  I see visions that give clarity on what is happening for you.  All my visions and insights are connected to your highest spiritual direction.  I do not predict the future or give outcomes.  I guide and support you to awaken to ever expanding heights of consciousness and help you to develop, balance and come into full union with your masculine and feminine aspects so you can awaken to your full potential.
I "see", I "hear", I "feel".

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Master Vibration 55/10

Lilac Angel Wings
Numerology 55/10  Rolling with the Changes

This is such a high vibration resonating with lilac light..  The qualities suggest changes of a very high order and allowing you to tap into the  feeling of freedom and liberation.  You can touch the divine and all things are possible.  Surrender and merge into the vibration available to you today, it just may set you on a roller coaster ride of great and wonderful change.  Do not fear it, take this offer and soar with the angels on wings of change.

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine a mist of fine lilac drifting over you.... and use your affirmation below....

Affirmation for 55/10:
My wings have set me free, I am peace, I am limitless, I am the vast expression of the Infinite Universe itself.

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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Trust Your Heart 47/11

Trust Your Heart ~ 47/11

For the love of God I see you in me, I see me in you, that is what the energies are bringing you. After all if you see GOD as the "Geometry Of the Divine" and if you can see and acknowledge the "Sum" of you already = perfection, you will see GOD in everyone.  Wherever you look you will see your Self but only you will know if you see yourself as the True Essence of who you are or if you see the reflection of the ego self.  It is as if there is a mirror wherever you look, so just take a moment to acknowledge what you see.  I see you in me, I see me in you, but what is it that I see?  This is a beautiful energy to focus on aligning with your divine masculine aspect of Self; cast away the ego and come from the heart.  

If you trust what you feel within your heart, you will know the refection is only that of Truth.  

Colour Vibrations for 47/11

Green and Violet keep you in alignment.

Affirmation for 47/11
I am the image of the Great I Am, I Am one with the Geometry Of the Divine

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Master 44 and Thoth God of Wisdom

Day vibration Master 44 and Thoth
This image was taken in the night skies on the Nile in Egypt when we were working with the energies of Thoth.  It is the orb consciousness of the Ibis (Thoth)

Thoth God of Wisdom

44 Numerology Vibration

The wisdom of Thoth, Scribe of the Gods is awakening in us the desire to go within to seek our answers.  This vibration connects us to the Higher Mind/Universal Mind and the moon and our intuitive self; this is a very powerful vibration.  

Watch your thoughts and notice those thoughts that keep just popping in as they are messages that you should take notice of.  

Your ability to reach for guidance from your Higher Self is very much closer to you now as the Master Thoth beckons you to listen.

Colours of 44

The colour for 44 is white.  White holds all vibrations and all the wisdoms and so, it offers us the purity of a clear mind in readiness for our pure intuition to come to us.    

44 Affirmation
I am at one with the Universal Mind and the Wisdom of the Universe comes to me easily.

Awaken the Higher Heart

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Energy of Bliss 43/7

Vibration of Bliss 43/7

The energy of peace, love and joy!  

Spend time in meditation so you can tap into the joy that your heart wants to express and feel that joy as it explodes into the Bliss!  

Trust in your instincts, because, you are in the flow and have faith because when your heart sings, you are most definitely on the right path.  

Let the Divine flow through you.

Enjoy the Blissful Colours of 43/7

Surround yourself in greens and yellow and big doses of violet and rest up because the energies want you to simply be in the moment so you can soak up the glorious healing energy the Universe is offering you.  It's a time for rejuvenation because there is some really big energies coming and  you need to be ready!  

Seriously, kick back, put on some music that speaks to your soul and just be.  

Affirmation for 43/7

I bask in the joy of the Love that I Am knowing that all is Perfect just the way it is.

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Reunion with the Divine

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You can meditate to a very deep level while anchoring the Higher Self and find  that great Self-Love and Self-Empowerment that enables soul missions to be awakened.  But, that is not all, you align your masculine and feminine through all chakras, then the begin to reunite with the Twin Soul at the level of the Soul and then ultimately full Union with the God-Goddess in Harmony with the All That Is, the Infinite Realms of Consciousness.