Sunday, February 18, 2024

New Beginnings in Love 46/10

heavenly garden with lovers
46/10 New Beginnings in Love

46/10 New Beginnings in Love

Love!  All you need is love! A great energy for relationships and unions of love. What beautiful new beginnings.  If you are in the mood for romance then this would be a good time to embrace it.  But on an energetic level, I suggest simply surrendering to the Love vibration and tap into the energies available.  Everyone can feel in love under this vibration and why not call in all the lost fragments of Self and when they do come in feel the bliss of the union of love as you integrate them.  Harmonising with green and sincerity of indigo lead you blissfully into new beginnings with red.

Affirmation for 46/10
Love is all around me, within me and shines forth from me, I  Am Love

Saturday, February 17, 2024

45/9 The Compassionate Buddha Day Vibration

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Numerology Vibration 45/9

Let Go and Let Gold

There is a need to let go and let all that has served you go with love because change is here and all you have to do is open your heart to the knowing that all is perfect and all that has passed you by was always going to.  

You are reminded of that part of self that is like the Buddha who sees everything with compassion and opens to the grand wisdom of knowing he has walked the path and grown into the wise one.  

Colours of 45/9

Green and Blue will allow you to open to that compassionate side of self and Gold grants you the wisdom to do so.

Affirmation for 45/9

I open my heart to change and I release all that no longer serves me

Awaken to your Passion!

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The Love Vibration 42/6

Numerology 42/6

42/6 The Love Vibration
This is the Love Vibration, so shower as much love as you can upon your loved ones and be willing to allow them to shower it upon you! It's about family too, so hold your left hand upon your heart and your left hand just below the navel and place a smile on your face and breathe deep and think of your family.  Just let go and surrender to Love, let it flow in, you will see who your true family is if you surrender to the experience and allow the love to flow.  

Colours of 42/6 Vibration

Indigo is the vibration that rules 42/6, but to embrace the harmony of embracing relationships green and orange will lovingly guide you into the depths of Indigo.

42/6 Affirmation
I create family wherever I go by the love that I so willingly let flow.


The journey to Self-love is a journey of dedication, devotion and commitment to you, to your self.  You are the Beloved, the divine feminine and the divine masculine and the coming together in harmony within you first is the journey. Come and find yourself on a journey of discovering you and Awaken to the Great Love within..... 

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Merging Mind and Body 31/4

Merging Mind and Body

It might feel like everything is just too hard to pull into balance when you come across this vibration, because we are likely to have a bit of a battle on our hands between mind and body.  The body and the mind tend to clash on this vibration and what the mind wants to do and what the body can do are often two different things.  So in order to allow some sort of co-operation here and get the two working together rather than against each other, we should seek the greens in nature to give us that much needed balance.  

When we merge the mind and the body, we find the Heart!

Your body will feel the imbalance, you can check the mind and see what it is that it is doing, then come into the centre point within your heart and ask to bring balance to your mind and body... then you will feel an instant shift... try this...

Listen to your body, check your mind and align with your heart.  What is running through your mind?  Is it really of service to you?  Just do a double take, Anything that does not feel like joy or bliss is not for your highest good, therefore you need to bring awareness to that.  you will feel it in your body, once your mind starts to take over and gradually you are creating a great big chaotic disturbance in your life.

Close your eyes, feel into your heart and say "I release all pain and suffering now!"


It's green vibration and we really need it on a day ruled by the 31/4. Three's are yellow and ones are red and we know red and yellow really do clash, so how about instead of using red and yellow here we merge them because we really are looking for harmony.  If we merge them and use orange we will have a much more co-operative team and we just might be able to set to work and use this Bob the builder type energy to it's best.  When it all gets too hard, remember to rest in the serenity of nature and get a dose of green!


My mind and my body work in awesome harmony and we achieve through a process of order.  

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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Cross of Honour 57/3

Lord Lanto Hierarch of the Second Yellow Ray by Marius Michael George
Lord Lanto of the Yellow Ray

The Cross of Honour 57/3

This energy brings us the tests of discernment through the yellow ray.  Sometimes we find it hard to walk and talk our truth, trusting that we will not be harmed in the process.  Often that stems from our experiences in past lives and we are faced with it again in this life until we are able to come totally into our Divine Power and trust that we are not going to be harmed and that in fact we can do not just ourselves a disservice by not walking and talking our truth but we also do others a disservice.  There is nothing beautiful about hiding our inner shine!

Take a breath, trust in your truth and let that shine forth like a yellow beacon unafraid to show your brilliance.  If you can live an open and truthful life you will become more tolerant and sympathetic toward others and in a world where everyone lives an open and honest life we will most certainly be living in brilliance of light, of love and we will most certainly be expressing our Souls desire.

Colours of 57/3

The colours that are going to guide you with this vibration are blue, violet and in total, Yellow.

57/3 Affirmation

I express my truth through my inner knowing and I shine that inner light wherever I go.

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Saturday, January 27, 2024

The Wisdom Nature 54/9

54/9 colour and numerology
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54/9 The Compassionate Buddha

You've come full circle but you can't move into the new phase until you tidy up some loose ends.  Take some time to reflect on any personal hurts that you may have endured and let go with love.  Look at others and the pain in the world and open your heart in compassion and see the wisdom in caring and being of service to others. 

This is the vibration of the Compassionate Buddha and the Universe asks you today to find this within yourself.  Lift yourself up beyond the earthly woes and see from a higher perspective.  See that all has its place and all is an expression of the Wisdom of our Inner nature.  Now is the time to clean out that inner nature to bring it up to the pure essence of being that you truly are.

Colour Vibes for 54/9 

Blue for feelings of peace and freedom, easy expression and communication.  Green for balance and harmony and opening the heart and Gold for the pure wisdom that comes from knowing when to tidy up and finish a cycle.  

Affirmation for today:
I am compassionate to all Beings.  I love and let love, I live and let live and in this I am in touch with my true infinite wisdom nature.

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Thursday, January 25, 2024

53/8 On Earth as it is in Heaven

Blue, Yellow and Magenta Heaven on Earth
53/8 On Earth as it is in Heaven

Blessings of the Universe

The Infinite Universe wants you to have all the infinite blessings you so desire.  There is a change upon you that asks you to come to peace with your own inner power and bring that expression forth so you can embrace the Infinite blessings that are being showered upon you now.  Ask yourself this question :  is there anyone I need to forgive?  Have I forgiven myself? Do I truly understand the concept of unconditional love?  And am I truly ready to embrace the power of now so that I can have the power that creates the changes that allow me to anchor my spirit on earth.

Colours for  53/8

So, if you bring in some blissful blue, some brilliant yellow and and majestic magenta, you are going to be so very much in tune with all that is on offer for you from our abundant and beautiful universe.  Try  wearing the colours or bring them into your environment through candles or throw a few scarves around with these colours, or you could paint or colour.... be creative!

Affirmation for 53/8:
I am the reflection of the Infinite Universe on Earth and I express myself freely and in peaceful and joyful ways.  I Am!

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