Monday, February 4, 2019

Energies for Today 27/9

Luxor Temple by night

Golden Opportunities Beckon

 27/9 Day Vibration

Today is a day of completion, but in that completion comes a new cycle of creation that is sparked by the Divine essence in you.  You need to trust in your own creative abilities today and just go with it.  In the process you will open to such a Divine flow of golden opportunity and the wisdom it brings urges you forward to new growth and allows the cycle to begin again in a very creative and fertile way.

The overall colour of the day is Gold but to spark that creative flow within you it would be advisable to seek toward some orange and violet.  What a beautiful vibration it is!

Affirmation for today
I am wise and creative and I totally trust in the flow of wisdom of the Universe that pours freely through to me.

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