Friday, August 23, 2019

Have Courage and Trust in the Changes 52/7

52/7 numerology and colour therapy

Have Courage and Trust in the Changes

52/7 Numerology

The overall vibration showering upon us today is Violet.  It's personality is expressing to us through the willingness to create our own change and to Trust in that.  Today we should look at how we can learn through our own creative expression.  There is a teacher within all of us and there is also the student within all of us.  Today, be like the child and get out your colours, chalks and papers, or dance and sing your way through the day.  Today, play your favourite music and let it move through you.  It will help you to become inspired again.

Colour Vibrations for Today

Use the form of creative expression that talks through you, be it dance, art, song or something else and use the colours blue, orange and of course the teacher we are seeking, Violet.  

Affirmation for today:

I am the creator of my own existence and everything I do is the True expression of who I am.  

Becoming the Colour Therapist

Would you like to become a Colour Therapist or to learn more about Colour Therapy or even to use colour to heal yourself?  I have the perfect program for you, with full support if you choose to take the whole program.  If not, you can just do level one and take it one step at a time.  It starts for just $22.99 AUD Here

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  1. I love your message for today! My life lesson is a 25/7 so very apt for me and the affirmation I shall use thank you x

  2. Hope you have enjoyed your day Kim :)

  3. Thank you.💟 Christina. I am.💛 catching up lol. I love the affirmation, how are the numbers interpreted. Lol I added the numbers. 5. Lol.


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