Thursday, July 4, 2019

Feeling Liberated 32/5

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Day Vibration Blue

32/5 Numerology for the Day

It really was worth it all that hard work yesterday because look what you built!  Today is so restful, really it is, today says, you know what, you did it, you liberated yourself into a space of harmony and won out over the ego.  Today says take a break, or if you like, get set and go wandering and embrace some of this new change and freedom that you have allowed into your life.  You have embraced a new freer mind who doesn't have to be the one who knows it all, but rather is willing to work in harmony with others in order to achieve a greater degree of expansion and liberation.  At least that is what the Universe is offering you today if you can take it.  Change can't come unless you are willing to break down a few old outworn habits of mind control.  If you co-operated yesterday you will find today such a breeze.  Go on, go outside and seek the blue skies, lay down on the grass and place your hands on your solar plexus and your sacral chakra and put a smile on your face and accept the expansion the Universe is offering!

Daily Affirmation:
I dance in the Joy of Freedom and Liberation, I am Free

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