Wednesday, November 28, 2018

59/5 Bringing Divine Changes

59/5 numerology and Serapis Bey bringing Change

Divine Changes

Day Vibration 59/5

We are in the flow here and divine changes are upon us, even divine travel is possible.  Divine Travel or Divine journeys beginning.  You will be inclined to act a little impulsively under this influence so I suggest to you that you embrace this joyous feeling but breathe deep and tap into your divine truth before you act too quickly.

Everything is in order and all you have to do is hold the peace and allow the flow to come to you. Discern the path before you tread and then embrace the changes that are upon you.

Colours of the Day

Blue and Gold are the vibrations of the day.

Affirmation for today

I am in the Divine Flow embracing the change, communicating my truth with peace and Grace.

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  1. I love that Blue and Gold are the vibrations of the day. Today I was so in the mood for cleaning and clearing!


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